Disneyland Paris faces Brussels probe

©AFP Consumers have accused Disneyland Paris of illegally blocking their access to cheap deals available to French or Belgian customers Brussels is targeting Disneyland Paris for allegedly overcharging British and German customers on the basis…


Russia activists go on hunger strike

Leonid Volkov, pictured in the centre with Alexei Navalny on the right, is one of those taking part Three Russian opposition activists have gone on hunger strike after they were barred from running in local…


Kurdistan cash squeeze tests oil groups

Genel, Gulf Keystone and DNO owed hundreds of millions of dollars amid Erbil-Baghdad dispute A Genel Energy exploration well in Taq Taq, part of Iraqi Kurdistan It is one of the cheapest places on earth…


Let debtors exit euro, say German experts

©Getty People walk past towels depicting Euro banknotes hanging outside a kiosk in Athens Countries should be able to exit the euro as a “last resort” if they are unable to manage their debts, the…


'2,000 migrants' tried tunnel entry

About 2,000 migrants tried to enter Channel Tunnel terminal in Calais on Monday night, operator Eurotunnel says This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page…


Rocket satellite Lazada gains altitude

©Rony Zakaria Maximilian Bittner CEO Lazada Group When one Lazada customer opened his package a few weeks ago to discover a bar of soap in place of the iPhone he had ordered he was perplexed….


Emerging currencies hit 15-year lows

©AFP Emerging-market currencies have slumped to 15-year lows as China’s equity rout and free-falling commodity prices reverberate throughout the global economy. Raw-material exporters Brazil, Russia and Colombia have suffered some of the heaviest sell-offs as…


Ancient tooth found in French cave

A human tooth dating to around 565,000 years ago has been found by a 16-year-old volunteer in France. The tooth was found at Arago cave near the village of Tautavel, one of the world’s most…


Free anti-racism tattoos in Austria

Austria: Tattoo artist offers free anti-racism inkings By News from Elsewhere… …as found by BBC Monitoring Tattoo artist Alex Smoltschnik says most people have welcomed his tattoo campaign An Austrian tattoo artist has offered to…


Russia-Ukraine row over ancient prince

Prince Vladimir – also called Volodymyr – is venerated as a saint in both Russia and Ukraine The legacy of a medieval prince has added a new dimension to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,…