Hillary Clinton caught on camera 'practising avoiding Donald Trump hug'

Previously unseen footage has emerged of Hillary Clinton apparently practising how she would avoid a hug from Donald Trump.

The video of the former presidential candidate was posted on social media by a senior aide to Ms Clinton, Philippe Reines.

Shot just two days before the first presidential debate in September last year, the grainy footage showed Ms Clinton at a more relaxed moment during the gruelling election campaign.

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“Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice,” Mr Reines said. “A favourite moment from debate prep.”

He added: “That’s her, in the flesh.”

Mr Reines plays the role of Mr Trump, who attempts to clutch Ms Clinton in a characteristic bear hug. But she avoids him, attempting to shake his hand instead, and Mr Reines chases after her.

The former Secretary of State can be heard saying “shoo” as bystanders laugh.

Ms Clinton was considered to have been the stronger performer in all three debates of the election campaign.

She was also the most favoured candidate to win the election, but Mr Trump won with 304 electoral college votes, to Ms Clinton’s 227.

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