Akihito expresses remorse for wartime actions

©AFP Emperor Akihito has expressed “deep remorse” for Japan’s wartime actions, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war with language that deviated from previous years. The 81-year-old emperor‘s words of…


Tianjin evacuation zone extended

©EPA Police have ordered the evacuation of everyone within 3km of the site of two massive explosions that destroyed a chemicals warehouse in the Chinese port city of Tianjin, after officials said they were worried…


Migrants 'suffocate' in boat off Libya

The Italian navy said 1,700 migrants were rescued on Tuesday alone More than 40 migrants have died in an overcrowded boat in the Mediterranean, the Italian navy has said. Many others were saved as the…


IMF calls for Greek debt relief

Christine Lagarde said the deal was a step forward but Greece needed more help The International Monetary Fund has called on Eurozone ministers to offer Greece debt relief, following the approval of a new bailout…


IMF set stage for China currency shift

©Getty The International Monetary Fund set the stage for Beijing’s dramatic currency policy shift this week by warning Chinese authorities in May that it was becoming “increasingly critical” for Beijing to allow its currency to…


Austria refugee camp 'shameful'

The camp was built to accommodate 1,800 people – but is currently housing more than twice that number Human rights group Amnesty International has criticised what it calls “inhumane” conditions at Austria’s main refugee camp….


Apple hits the road for test car

©Reuters Apple is searching for a place to test a car — potentially a self-driving vehicle — in California’s Bay Area, a letter to a former naval base that is now a test site for…


'I'm coming here for peace'

Kos is a stepping stone for many new arrivals who move on to Athens and then, they hope, other parts of Europe When they leave the shores of Turkey to travel to Kos those seeking…


Eurozone approves €86bn Greek bailout

©AFP Greece will receive its €86bn bailout after eurozone finance ministers agreed on a “bail-in” of the country’s banks and quicker privatisation of its public assets, alleviating concerns that hawkish states within the eurozone would…