Volatile yen threat as Abe support wanes

In mid-July, when Shinzo Abe commanded the organisers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to rip up plans for the $2bn national stadium and start from scratch, it was both statesmanlike and panicky. Projected costs for…


Uruguay tries to hang on to its buzz

©AP When Uruguay became the first country to legalise cannabis two years ago under the leadership of the eccentric former guerrilla, José “Pepe” Mujica, the world took notice of this tiny republic that was once…


London culture tops Google searches

The Science Museum attracts 3.3 million visitors annually London has been named the most googled city in the world for its art galleries, performing arts and innovative design. The capital’s museums make up the top…


Illicit credit threat to Iran bank system

©AFP Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani must now consider what is necessary to become a player in the world economy When Rajabali realised his returns would be greater if he put his money in an illegal…


‘National team’ powers China stock rally

©AFP China’s stock market rallied on Tuesday to post its biggest gain in more than three weeks, amid signs that the “national team” was unwilling to tolerate a fourth straight day of losses. The Shanghai…


Political cost of Spain’s recovery

©EPA Even those in traditionally secure professions such as teaching have found themselves on short-term contracts When Ana Martín gets in touch with one of her clients these days, she usually has good and bad…


Kosovo approves war crimes court

Some Kosovo Albanians, who hold former KLA commanders in high regard, have protested against the new court Parliament in Kosovo has amended the constitution to allow the creation of a special court to investigate alleged…


German MP opens home to migrants

Martin Patzelt says Germans should give shelter to people fleeing from war A German conservative MP, Martin Patzelt, has taken two Eritrean refugees into his home and is helping the young men find jobs locally….


Recovery driven by rise in temp jobs

They call it the “precariat”. In a continent known for strong employee protections, more than half of the eurozone’s young workers are in temporary jobs, churning from one shortlived contract to the next. In Spain,…